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Probe Investment Holdings (PIH) was established in 2003.

PIH’s flagship investment is Probe Holdings (Probe), a leading South African supplier of rotating electrics and batteries to the automotive, trucking and mining markets, established in 1963 by the Rovelli family. PIH currently has a 51% shareholding of Probe.

PIH is led by directors, Barnabas Gwarisa (Bsc.Chem), Frank Rovelli (CA) SA, and Richard Rovelli (Bsc.Building).  The trio bring solid business experience to the company combined with sound insights and master-knowledge of their particular fields of expertise.
PIH is audited by South African auditing firm, Nexia Levitt Kirson.


PIH International – Metal Trading

PIH sources, trades, imports and exports metals including aluminium, copper, lead and zinc, scrap batteries, lead products and surplus from the automotive sector.

Through the ownership and management of Probe over 50 years, as well as experience gained through Probe’s ownership of a lead smelter, the leadership team offers sound knowledge of the processes and practicalities involved in this process and has a well-established network to facilitate trade.

The company handles the full logistics requirement from source to destination, and can provide turnkey supply solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs when sourcing the appropriate quality and quantity, thereby giving each customer peace-of-mind.

The company supplies the following recycled metal products:

  • Lead:  Lead purity >99.99%.
  • Aluminium: Aluminium purity > 99.7%.
  • Copper wire: Copper purity of >99.9%.  Copper products include copper wire scrap and copper cathode.
  • Zinc: Pure Zinc ingots of >99.99%

PIH - Consulting

PIH is able to add additional value to manufacturing companies sourcing scrap and raw materials, as well as investors in South Africa, through the provision of sound consulting services. This includes advice on the legal frameworks and financial requirements related to the South African trade and business environments, as well as specialist product and market expertise.

PIH provides the following specialist services:

Consulting services to local and foreign investors in the acquisition of property and businesses.

Through their operational experience and expertise, PIH’s directors are able to provide accurate and unbiased opinions of properties and businesses in South Africa involved in retail, distribution and industrial assembly.

The company understands the South African environment, offering in-depth knowledge of South African law and the new Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) codes, local banking systems and the requirements necessary to run businesses and undertake investment in South Africa.

International sourcing strategies for products related to automotive rotating electrics, including associated logistics.

Probe has been involved in the automotive sector for over 50 years and has had exposure to manufacturing plants from every continent across the globe, including Southern Africa, USA, Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia, and thus is able to assist with supplier assessments, supply contracts and processes involved in setting up a sustainable relationship and solution with sources.

PIH – Subsidiary

Probe Corporation

Probe has a proud heritage that extends back to 1963 when the company was established by Francesco Rovelli.  Initially started as an auto-electrical company, the business has subsequently grown into an importer, wholesaler and distributor of top international brands.
Probe is now a leader in its field and is South Africa's largest importer of automotive batteries, with over fifty years of experience in distributing and providing aftermarket support for many international brands.

Probe has represented the Delco Remy range of products for the past 41 years and is a Delco Remy Master Distributor for the Southern African region. The company represents a number of leading brands including Prestolite, Leece-Neville, DAC, Aristo, Cole Hersee, Horton, Transpo, CE Niehoff & Co, Bosch, PFI, Great Whites and Masterlock.

In addition, the acquisitions of MED, Aristo Brands and Dynamax Auto Components have enabled Probe to become a leader in rotating electrics in South Africa.

Probe’s policy is to supply original equipment, spare parts and complete units, factory approved remanufactured or replacement starters, and alternators that all strictly comply with manufacturer specifications.

The company supplies leading automotive fitment centres and retailers with premium maintenance-free, fit-and-forget batteries.  Probe also supplies solar inverters for domestic and commercial use.

Probe primarily serves the heavy and light duty automotive, mining and construction equipment industries.   Currently, the company is looking at developing it’s exppsure into the domestic and commercial markets are targeted via Probe’s solar and alternative power product offerings.

The company uses a national dealer network that provides a comprehensive range of services, including the sales and distribution of alternators, starters and associated spares, as well as offering fully-equipped workshop facilities for comprehensive electrical repairs.

The import of raw materials
Probe rigorously adheres to local manufacture and import policies as well as legal requirements.  The company holds the appropriate licences and certification in order to trade in South Africa, as well as having the necessary import and export licences. Recently, Probe extended its product range to include not only local sourcing within South Africa but beyond to suppliers in Africa, Asia, Europe and Brazil.

Probe remanufactured value line
In meeting local demand for automotive parts, Probe remanufactures starters and alternators.  As well as being able to provide customers with locally-made starters and alternators that are of a high quality yet cost-competitive due to not attracting import duties, remanufacturing contributes to environmental sustainability. Probe’s remanufactured parts are known as the Probe value line.

Probe Investment Holdings


Head Office Tel: +27 (0) 11 453 0924

Sales Office Tel: +27 (0) 10 593 0181

Fax: +27 (0) 11 453 2141

Sales Office Physical Address: 348 Rivonia Boulevard, Edenburg Terrace, Block E, Rivonia, Johannesburg, 2191, South Africa

Head Office Physical Address: 245 Albert Amon Street, Meadowdale, Germiston, Republic of South Africa

Postal Address: PO Box 2148, Kempton Park 1620, Johannesburg, South Africa

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